Maintenance, Warranty & Tips


  • No contact with water. Soap residue, chlorine and salt can remain on and in your jewelry, which ultimately causes discoloration.
  • Do not let your jewelry come into direct contact with soap, perfume, make-up, body lotion, hair spray, etc.
  • Take off your jewelry if you are going to do heavy work or exercise. Sweat affects your jewelry and it is also a shame if you lose your jewelry.
  • Take off your jewelry when you go to sleep. Jewelry wears out faster and there is a chance that it will break while sleeping.
  • It is best to store your jewelry in a dry and dark place. Moreover, put them away neatly to prevent the risk of knots.
  • Put on your jewelry last. Of course, you don't want to get caught on something while changing clothes.
  • Avoid excessive pressure on elastic bracelets or chains. Put them on carefully so that the stretch remains in the elastic.
  • Be careful with chemical products. If you come into contact with chemicals, remove your jewelry. Also don't wear them while cleaning.
  • Be careful with sunlight or the sunbed. Do not expose your jewelry to bright sunlight or a tanning bed. This can cause your jewelry to discolour.
  • Wear your jewelry! Your jewelry remains its most beautiful when you wear it!
  • Finally: We use DQ (Designer Quality) metals or stainless steel for our jewelry. If the metal does discolour, you can polish it with a little silver polish! Your jewelry is like new again.

Leather bags

Leather is super strong. But keep in mind that leather is a natural product. You use your leather bag or other leather accessory in all weather conditions. Signs of use cannot therefore be ruled out. Leather can darken or lighten. And leather is sensitive to minor damage (for example) scratches or stains. Leather may feel stiff at first. Over time, leather becomes more flexible.

Leather can rub off
Leather is a natural product and the leather is processed in color shades. So it can sometimes happen that the leather rubs off. One color is more sensitive to this than the other color. Then be careful with (light) clothing. Tired of leather that stains? A protection spray can help prevent stains.

With normal use, it is not necessary to (extra) treat your bag with care products. You can usually remove a stain by dabbing it with a damp cloth. Do not use a soaking wet cloth or rub, as this will damage (the color of) the leather. Do you want to freshen up your bag after a while or, for example, treat a bald spot? Then use leather care products. Tip: you can touch up a bald spot with colored leather care! Do not use care products on the hairy leather.

We offer a three-month warranty on our products. Do you have an unexpected defect within three months? Send an email with photos of the product. We will then look for a suitable solution together. vanMauZ is not liable for damage to personal property. Consider, for example, handing over bags to clothing.

Our leather hairy animal print bags are handmade from recycled and remnant leather. Occasionally there may be slight imperfections. Think of a spot, spot or imperfection. This adds to the uniqueness of the bag and should not be considered a flaw. That fits with our concept of combating waste. It gives your bag charm. PLEASE NOTE: Hair loss or wear of the hairy leather is not covered by the warranty. The hairy leather is a natural product and it is normal for the bag to show signs of wear due to hair loss. The hairy leather will last longer if you avoid abrasion and friction when carrying your bag. The shelf life of the hairy leather is different and unpredictable for every bag.