Size guide

Ring size

The leather rings have become an indispensable part of our collection. The rings are available in (regular) ring sizes: 16 to 21.

The leather feels supple and soft on your finger. The rings have an easy fit due to the leather and will expand slightly if it fits tightly around your finger when purchased. It is leather so the ring molds to your finger. We are happy to explain to you how to choose the right ring size.

Do you know your ring size:
Maybe you know your ring size? Then choose your own size. Are you in between? Then it is usually best to choose the smallest one because it is leather. Is your size not listed? Then choose a larger size (it doesn't matter which). Please tell us in the comments field 'during the ordering process' what size we can make the ring for you. Please note that the delivery time is 1 or 2 working days longer.

Measure ring size:
If you don't have a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your finger, use a piece of string, ribbon or narrow strip of paper to wrap around your finger. Make sure you do this quite precisely. Then you measure the distance with a ruler. That distance is the circumference of your finger.
16 = finger circumference 50mm
17 = finger circumference 53mm
18 = finger circumference 56mm
19 = finger circumference 59mm
20 = finger circumference 62mm
21 = finger circumference 65mm